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Students fac ARK UHasselt


LENSCAPE was designed and built by Architecture students at UHasselt. It is a temporary refuge and resting point overlooking the Meuse, on the border between excavation and new nature. A place to reflect. For example, on the impact of our use of natural resources. In the RivierPark Maasvallei, extraction is linked to river and nature restoration, but sadly this is not always the case.

LENSCAPE is the result of the seminar Circular Building and was designed especially for this site. In the seminar, students investigate how building can be done differently. The pavilion was built with wooden beams with the intention of using the same beams in different constructions. Thus, from the early design stage, thought is given to how to make the construction as reusable as possible. In addition, the students use recycled, local materials (such as willow for the wickerwork or trees in the foundation that would otherwise be chopped up). Before the pavilion is dismantled and finds a new life in a subsequent project, teachers and students hope that insects and birds will come and nest in the wickerwork.